The new website is online – ROMAMONTOGGIO.IT – Where tradition encounters innovation

We have, after many years chosen, to explore a new path on the web, which entirely represents the look of the restaurant and the new ideas brought to the tables by our innovative kitchen team.

Our new website, created by NGAME, includes an indepth graphic and photographic study of the business, which we hope will be a point of reference for our clients to both browse our menu, as well as check out all the news through our live photos which will give a glimpse in real time of the daily specials and news from the kitchen.

Through our new “book online” form, clients will also be able to book in advance via our online form, receiving a confirmation email by one of our staff.

As well as a table you can also book via our homepage one of our taster menus in advance.

Keep up to date and hear the latest from the restaurant via the links on the homepage: follow us on facebook, instagram, trip advisor and in the Michelin guide.

Thanks to all the family and those wwho have made all this possible.

Stefano Torre – chef